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Wisconsin River Bank has branch locations in Sauk City and Lodi, Wisconsin. Savings, checking, mortgages and home equity Loans. Wisconsin River Bank home page.Contact information for Wisconsin River Bank based in Sauk City and Lodi, Wisconsin.
Wisconsin River Bank serves the people and businesses of Sauk, Columbia and Dane Counties.

Business Loans

As your business partner we want to make your business banking easier. Our most common business lending products are overviewed below. We also believe you will find of value a visit to our Business Resources.

Commercial Mortgage Loan

A loan used to finance the purchase of real estate (or construction). It appears on the business' balance sheet as land and improvements (buildings). A commercial mortgage is repaid from net income of the business on a defined amortization.

Term Loan

A secured loan used to finance fixed assets (other than real estate), such as equipment. The term of the loan depends on the life of the asset being financed and the cash flow of the business operation.

Revolving or Seasonal Line of Credit (LOC)

Generally, a credit arrangement for financing fluctuations in current assets. The need predominantly results from a sales volume that cannot be supported by the internally generated cash flow of the business or a seasonal need, like inventory for peak times in a landscaping business. Repayment is from conversion of non-cash assets to cash, such as inventory and accounts receivable.

Permanent Working Capital

A loan used to finance cash needs. This type of loan is used when the business operation's cash disbursements exceed its ability to generate cash internally. Repayment is from net profits.


If your business is expanding; needs 100% financing; or if you require a unique payment plan, leasing may be the option for you. Click here for more information.

Letter of Credit

A Letter of Credit is an instrument issued by a bank on behalf of a client authorizing an individual, or firm, to draw drafts on the bank, or on its account at one of its foreign correspondent banks, under certain conditions stipulated in the Letter of Credit.

Business Charge Card

Apply for a Wisconsin River Bank Credit Card today ~ Click Here

A service whereby a business can have a charge card line and within that line have credit cards for its key employees. Repayment is on a monthly basis, with a detail provided on each issued charge card for expense reporting. A grace period (free use of money) is common on a charge card line.

Government Loan Programs

Banks will also utilize government loan program through the Small Business Administration (SBA), WHEDA, Wisconsin Department of Commerce, and other specialized programs. The requirements of these programs vary and may change over time.

Locally owned and managed.

Locally owned and managed.

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Wisconsin River Bank offers Personalized Personal Banking with a Community Touch.

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